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Le Aly di Lia

My art speaks about us: women!

Italian Artist | Donatella Marraoni | Invest in art | Buy art online

invest in art, buy art online
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Le Aly di Lia di Donatella Marraoni: the best Italian artist who you can find in Foligno with a single click. You can invest in art, buy art online; ink, pencil, watercolor, coffee art, oil paintings, glass paintings and various techniques are to be found on your pc, smartphone or tablet. Here you can find nearly all her titles, photos, and paintings details , you can read her blog discover upcoming events and see her facebook feed live. You can contact the artist, Le Aly di Lia di Donatella Marraoni regarding any queries you may have regarding her page: requests for commisioned artworks, or any sales or investment enquiries, offers for partnership, sponsorship or just to show your support. A whole lot awaits you on her products pages: Ink | Coffee Art | Oil Paintings | Mixed Techniques | Glass Paintings .. keep up-to-date with her latest creations by clicking "Like" on her Facebook page. By the way... thanks for your presence at the Florence Biennial last year!! Thanks for your support! Donatella :)


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